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Photograph Packages

Wedding & Special Occasion Photography


... to make your special day extraordinary

110625 Wed 0649 1160 AR Jennifer MayoPlease join us at the Silver Beach Carousel to create some of the happiest memories of your wedding day. We are only footsteps from Shadowland Ballroom and beautiful Lake Michigan. Best of all, you can reserve this delightful interlude for your exclusive enjoyment or take treasured photographs during public ride times.

... to reserve the carousel exclusively for you & your guests

You may reserve the Carousel and its amenities for your exclusive use. This will make it easier for your professional photographer and videographer to capture the magic of every moment. We’ll assist in making the setting as elegant or as fun-filled as you wish.

  • Our operator will start and stop the Carousel so you can get the pictures you want on your favorite Carousel figures or in front of the colorful deck.
  • Your guests will love gathering here while they wait for you to arrive at the reception. They may bring their cocktails and appetizers into the Carousel house during your reserved time. While here, they can choose to ride any of the 48 magnificent hand-carved figures and two chariots (one is wheelchair accessible).
  • You can prearrange to bring us your music so the operator can play your favorite songs as you ride.
  • We can also serve hot, fresh-popped corn, caramel corn or clouds of fluffy cotton candy to your guests. A staff member will make and serve your treats during your private rental or during a pre-arranged time in the ballroom. We offer a selection of cotton candy colors and flavors so you can pick your favorites.

... to take photos during public riding times

With a donation, you may also take professional or personal photographs using cameras or digital media while riding one time during public open hours. Advance arrangements are appreciated.

Please rsvp for your photography session

150919 Wed 531 1284 Jennifer MayoSilver Beach Carousel is privately owned by Silver Beach Carousel Society Inc., a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. It receives no funding support from any public entity, including the City of St. Joseph. Our private rental fees and non-private photo opportunity donations help us cover the year-round operation and maintenance costs of our million-dollar attraction. Thank you for making magical memories with us.

Private photography & group ride rental

30 minutes of unlimited rides plus
35 complimentary ride tokens:
2016: $300
2017: $350


60 minutes of unlimited rides plus 70 complimentary ride tokens:
2016: $600
2017: $700
Ride tokens have no expiration date. 60-minute rentals are not available from the last weekend in June through the end of August.

Non-private photography

Photographs and video may be taken on one public ride during public open hours. With a donation, the bride, groom and photographer will each receive one complimentary ride. The expectation with this option is that additional ride tokens will be purchased for other wedding attendants.

Shadowland Reception Couples: $100 donation Please contact the Silver Beach Carousel office at 269-932-1141 to make arrangements regarding donation, date, time, and token purchase quantity.

Walk-in Couples: $100 donation Couples may arrange in advance for their donation and token purchase or donate upon arrival using a credit card or cash in The Brass Ring Gift Shop.

Serve special treats

Cotton Candy:
$100/30 minutes; served in Carousel House (during rental)
$150/hour; served in Carousel House (during rental)
$200/hour; served in Ballroom/Boardwalk (not during rental)

$100/30 minutes; served in Carousel House (during rental)
$150/hour; served in Carousel House (during rental)
$200/hour; served in Ballroom/Boardwalk (not during rental)

Pre-made caramel corn:
Prices subject to change without notice.

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